Generation What?

Dear World,

Living in London has given me some public transport-etiquette. I don’t speak to people on tubes or buses nor do I sit next to them if I can avoid it. Non-Londoners may regard this as rude but in reality, it’s just an example of Georg Simmel’s blasè attitude that comes with city life (yes some times I do pay attention in my lectures…). Consequently, I was somewhat surprised when, on an almost empty train to Brighton, a lady sat opposite me. Fearing I would be subject to small-talk about the weather, I hastily began to reach into my bag for my headphones.

Unfortunately I had completely forgotten that ‘Thou Shalt Not Sit Silently On A Train’ is the 11th Commandment. Indeed, my seemingly passive companion frowned, muttered ‘bloody millennials’ and angrily marched off.

Whilst happy to be alone again, I was admittedly somewhat shocked. Of course I had read the numerous articles blaming the twenty-somethings for the destruction of civilisation, but I had not actually been subject to such opinion myself.

It got me thinking for the rest of the journey. Those born somewhere between 1980s-2000 (I myself am 1996) are called ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’. Despite the fact that we have been left to clean up the environmental, political, and economic messes that our parents and grandparents kindly left us, we appear to be blamed for every problem that arises. For example, according to Tim Gurner, the reason Generation Y struggle to buy houses is because we eat avocado on toast and drink coffee. Right…nothing to do with buy-to-let landlords or inflation – just our eating habits. Thanks for clearing that up Tim.

If you’re interested, a quick google search will find millennials are also to blame for creating barbaric baby names that will ultimately ruin the fragments of society, disrupting traffic whilst campaigning for our silly human rights, and worst of all, creating the downfall of napkin sales. We truly live in terrible times.

I would just like to remind all you lovely people of the brilliance that millennials bring to the world. Not only do we help you with your technology qualms but let us not forget that 532,300 of us have entered UK higher education,  24% of us volunteer and we had a 72% voting turnout in the 2017 election. Not too shabby for the most entitled and spoiled generation in history.

Although that being said, I am writing this whilst currently on a train to Brighton to see my best friend because I was sad that a lawyer didn’t like me.



Author: T Davis

My Life and Other Disasters

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